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Has your home been invaded by pests? Plagued by roaches or bed bugs? Offering pest control and removal services for roaches, ants, birds and more! Call 313-527-1317

Ready to get rid of all your annoying pests that aren't in-laws? Our expert exterminators can rid your home of all those annoying irritants.


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Whether they fly, scuttle, creep or crawl, no one wants their home or workplace to be invaded by pests! You may have watched in horror as ants have staged an occupation of your home, column after column spreading in formation on your kitchen counters, stove, walls and even floors — they’ll go anywhere in your home!

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It is time to mount an offensive against these unrelenting invaders. Call Expert Pest Control to come to the rescue. We’ll have your kitchen and home ant-free in no time — and ants are not the only foe with whom we do battle. If there is an invader of the animal or insect kingdom on your premises, you may need professional assistance — the kind of assistance that we provide. Whether there are rodents, roaches, bees, birds or even wild animals, we promise to eradicate their existence from your premises.

At the first sight of any of these unwelcome visitors, give Expert Pest Control a call at 313-527-1317. We will make them disappear before they know what happened.

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